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Hey car lovers "The Glen" is the only place to be in the fall. Linda & I took the cobra west and saw the most hot , rare , & old racing cars! photo's to come "The Glen " trip report ,by larry & linda Hey guys as advertised it the ESSCA newsletter , we did a fall trip to the fabulous "Watkins Glen "For the Zippo U.S. Vintage Grand Prix…..WOW!!…did you miss a great event. On a bright & sunny Friday morning we headed west on I-88 for a 3 hr run to the glen. The cobra got us there with no problems, just lots of "thumbs up"from passing (or being passed)motorists. If we only had a caravan of ESSCA cars…I hate to brag ,but I need to fire up the club to get you guys out to events like this. First to see ,downtown , It's a festival …main street is closed …a concourse car show is in the park , food & wine vendors are set up. Vintage racing is in the air…..actually right through the streets. Around 5:00 they line up, every kind of car you can think of , and many I've never seen before. They manage 2 laps around the original track, up through the hills and back to the village, there were so many cars the circuit was full. After it was run , Linda coaxed me into running it with the cobra…..some how the cops just waved us through…& it was worth the trip. The rest of the evening was more street party & a huge fireworks show. Saturday was spent at the road track, vintage racing at it best. Everything in my car dreams was there at least 7 GT-40's ,2 Daytona Coupe's, countless Cobra's,& Shelby's…..& all kinds Of every other exotic rare vintage race car you can name! Famous guys (walk up and meet Dan Gurney, Bobby Rahall, Lee Holman, &more),rich ,rich (I'm flying to car to Monterey next weekend)guys……but they are all cool and approachable. The track also had a car show for our level too , the first 300 get to park in a show field , and then get to take 2 laps of the track. As luck would have it ….we tagged along and joined the parade WOW was that fun….(we need ESSCA cars next year) The vintage racing was crazy……these guys race like it's for real! I'll always remember this trip , when I got to see GT-40's, Daytonas , & Cobra's @ SPEED………… Come on guys who wants to get out and drive next year , Ask linda wives can have a good time too…restaurants & Winery's Hey for more information on the event for next year go to larry

The perfect 356's on the street Concours Show

A rare Daytona Coupe "at speed"

Millions of $ & history Coupes,Cobras,& GT-40's