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Linda & Larry '99 East Coast Power Tour

The following is our trip as my wife views the show............ The Hot Rod East Coast Power Tour began October 9.My husband Larry and I drove from Duanesburg, through Troy and picked up the scenic “Mohawk Trail” toward Fitchburg Mass. The weather was overcast that day and we were glad we had a top on our car and a heater. At Fitchburg there were many cars and people. I was delighted to find many giveaway prizes, hats, T-shirts, stickers, posters, and coasters. The local firemen put on a barbecue chicken dinner and there was even a band playing rock and roll music. I walked around looking at cars and made a friend “Diane from Florida” she and I continued walking around listening to the music and looking at cars. We both were glad it was time for the drivers meeting which ended the show, as we were ready to head to our prospective motels. We all had reservations and needed them because all hotels were full. My husband Larry and I drove south for a while before we reached our “econo lodge” October 10 we drove to Carlisle P.A. the foliage was beautiful along interstate 84. The overcast rainy weather continued. We entered the fairgrounds in Carlisle to be greeted by many more cars, people and once again another good band. This time the band played country music. We saw a brand new “nomad”; it was a new GM concept car. That night we stayed in a “motel 6” which was exciting. All of the rooms were filled with occupants of hot rod cars. Walking around the motel 6 was a car show experience with everything from muscle cars to older cars to mustangs and even a unique pair of milk trucks. We were walking distance from a steak house named “Hosses” were we ate our dinner. The next morning lines of “hotrod” cars greeted us, waiting to take off for the next leg of the journey. On October 11th we drove from Carlisle P.A to Gaithersburg, MD. From a female perspective this was a good day. The car ride was only 223 miles and a huge mall next to the car show greeted me. I met a new teenage friend Holly that was traveling with her father Ed Ingalls another ESSCA member. She also was delighted by the prospect of the mall-shopping trip. We headed off with instructions not to buy large items, as the space was limited in our small cars. After that fun break, my husband and I left the car show early. The next leg of the trip was on the longer side and to gain some time, we drove south well into the night. The next morning, we traveled to North Carolina where we were going to meet my husband’s sister and brother in law. After a nice family lunch we proceeded on to the stop in Fort Mill S.C. After a quick check-in at our hotel a beautiful Comfort Inn, we went to the car show. The October 12th car show in Fort Mill was really special because they had a super good musical group called the .38 special. I really loved their music. On day five we traveled from Fort Mill S.C to Conyers, G.A traffic was heavy during our travel especially in the morning. We arrived at the Georgia Int’l Horse Park around 2 o’clock, in the afternoon. We did not stay over night in Conyers but traveled on closer to Florida as to have more time on the beach in Daytona Beach Florida. On Thursday 14th, we arrived in Daytona Beach before noon so that we could enjoy the sunshine and a walk on the beach. We found a room at the Holiday Inn, which had a nice view of the beach. In Daytona we had the car show next to Daytona International speedway. Edlelbrock put on a barbecue and gave away some fantastic prizes. They gave away a leather jacket and a “Richard Petty” “driver experience” plus ride along laps of Daytona speedway. They also had music. The next day 7 we went to Ocala and Garlits museum of drag racing. Once again there was a barbecue and many prizes. The band playing in Ocala was “the Kentucky headhunters” October 15th was my husband Larry’s b-day so we went to his parent’s house in Homosassa springs Florida for the night. The next day we traveled to Panama City beach Fla. It was day 8 and the last stop of the Hot Rod tour. We found a beautiful motel on the beach first before going to the car show. The variety of cars was over whelming. We got our pictures taken for the “Long Haul “group for Hotrod magazine. The music in the evening was John Waite and his band. I would recommend that even all wives can have a great time going on a all week car show.We met a lot of nice people ,saw lots of scenic country and enjoyed some of the best cars .It was an incredible experience and I feel everyone should give it a try. by Linda

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